SASE ROI Calculator

SASE can save your company a lot of money. Use the industry’s-first SASE ROI calculator to quantify the cost savings you can achieve in services, asset consolidation, and labor when deploying Versa SASE.

SASE ROI Calculator

SASE can save your company a lot of money. Use the industry’s-first SASE ROI calculator to quantify the cost savings you can achieve in services, asset consolidation, and labor when deploying Versa SASE.

Top Energy Firm Achieves Comprehensive “Work-From-Anywhere” with Versa SASE

A large, publicly traded energy company operating in all areas of the oil and gas industry has dramatically simplified their network stack and realized huge cost savings with Versa SASE.

Availability and Buying Options in the Emerging SASE Market

EMA evaluates the different SASE vendors and their approaches to architecture, go-to-market, and support for their cloud-delivered and hybrid services.

Gartner Magic Quadrant for WAN Edge Infrastructure

Gartner Magic Quadrant report analyzes the various vendors in the WAN edge market and Versa is positioned as a Leader.

Versa Networks - Explained in 1 minute

Learn about the Versa Secure SD-WAN solution in a high-level, one minute overview.

Versa SASE (Secure Access Service Edge)

SASE is the simplest, most scalable way to continuously secure and connect the millions points of access in and out of the corporate resources regardless of location.

Versa Secure SD-WAN – Simple, Secure, and Reliable Branch to Multi-Cloud Connectivity

Versa Secure SD-WAN is a single software platform that offers multi-layered security and enables multi-cloud connectivity for Enterprises.


Watch on-demand the upcoming market trends predicted by Versa technical and product subject matter expects.

Upcoming Webinars
How Mid-market Enterprises Can Migrate to SASE at Low Cost while Ensuring Uptime
Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) Series
Live Webinar (June 2, 2022)

Learn how mid-market companies can make their digital transformation to SASE so they can manage their network and security protocols in one single pane-of-glass.

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) Webinars
How to Secure Hybrid Cloud Workloads with GCP Network Connectivity Center
On-Demand Webinar (58 min)

Learn how to develop a cloud integration model that secures hybrid cloud workloads with GCP Network Connectivity Center (NCC).  

How to Build a Secure SD-LAN Solution in a Hybrid Work Environment
On-Demand Webinar (54 min)

Learn how to establish a software-defined perimeter that uses a multi-dimensional policy engine that looks at device id/type, user, application and other parameters to admit a device to the right part of the network.

Versa’s Approach to Secure Web Gateway as Part of Its SASE Suite
On-Demand Webinar (60 min)

Versa’s Secure Web Gateway provides a perfect blend of a single-pass, integrated architecture that combines all the various unified threat management capabilities along with ZTNA features.

Versa SASE Self-service Portal
On-Demand Webinar (54 min)

See how administration, provisioning, and deployments can be simplified through Versa’s SASE self-service portal. Learn how SD-WAN and SASE can be managed through one single-pass architecture with minimal training.

Versa Secure Access (VSA) Differentiators for ZTNA
On-Demand Webinar (51 min)

Learn VSA's service differentiators to help empower you to choose the best partner for your SASE deployment project.

Automate Vulnerability Management during Secure SD-WAN Software Releases
On-Demand Webinar (44 min)

Build an automated vulnerability management solution that will run automated checks for known vulnerabilities and remediate them with no network service downtime.

Accelerate AWS Cloud Adoption with a Zero Trust Security Model
On-Demand Webinar (45 min)

Accelerate cloud adoption in AWS with comprehensive security, zero trust architecture, and optimal application experience with global segmentation policies.

Why You Must Move from a Network Firewall Device to Firewall as a Service
On-Demand Webinar (60 min)

Learn the differences between FWaaS and traditional network firewall devices along with the market forces driving new deployments toward FWaaS.

How to Use Predictive Modeling to Produce Self-Healing Networks
On-Demand Webinar (44 min)

Lean how to use predictive networking based on machine learning and artificial intelligence to produce self-healing networks to create a proactive rather than reactive approach to optimizing traffic bottlenecks.

How to Build an IoT Device Management and Security Solution
On-Demand Webinar (60 min)

Learn how to build an IoT device management and security program that assists in provisioning and authentication, configuration and control, software updates and maintenance, and monitoring and diagnostics of connected devices.

How to Detect and Prevent Ransomware Attacks
On-Demand Wbinar (62 min)

Learn the widescale negative impacts ransomware can can cause for corporate networks. See 10 recent examples of ransomware attacks and develop a framework for a threat response to detect and prevent these attacks.

Data Loss Prevention: Track and Secure All Network Data to Prevent Breaches 
On-Demand Webinar (61 min)

Learn how to build a network Data Loss Prevention program that oversees and reports on all content that passes through the network to empower data security protocols that understand what data is used, who is using it, and where the data is sent while remaining compliant with all government data compliance laws and mandates. 

CASB: An Integral Part of Network Security
On-Demand Webinar (51 min)

Learn why Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB), traditionally thought of as a separate security solution to network architecture, is quintessential for a strong network security program with data moving out of the standard on-premise model.

Zero Trust Network Access: Secure, Controlled, and Deployed from Everywhere
On-Demand Webinar (60 min)

Learn the market forces and technical reasons that drive the need to create Zero Trust Network Access that is based on a user’s device and credentials rather than network location. This change is critical to protect against attacks to devices within or outside the network perimeter.

Secure Web Gateway: Enforcing Security Controls in a Hybrid Cloud Model
On-Demand Webinar (58 min)

Learn the architectural limitations of legacy firewalls and on-premises web proxies to secure against modern threats and how a hybrid approach for a strong, Secure Web Gateway implementation can provide safe and easy browsing for all employees whether in office or remote.  

SASE to the Rescue: Addressing the State of IT Security
On-Demand Webinar (50 min)

Versa and Verizon discuss key trends, market insights, future predictions, and approaches organizations can take using SASE to protect against the growing security threats.

5G Security and SASE: Securing the Future
On-Demand Webinar (60 min)

In a new era of unparalleled connectivity, it is of paramount importance to ensure that network and security SLAs are met. Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) is the only framework that can enable, secure, and transform the 5G ecosystem.

Accelerate Your SASE Transformation with Ease
On-Demand Webinar (60 min)

Accelerate your SASE journey today by hearing what issues plague traditional deployments, ways to control application and user sprawl, and examples of real world successful implementations.

Evaluating the Efficacy of NGFW Techniques in the Cloud
On-Demand Webinar (58 min)

Enterprises looking to protect their critical assets need to extend advanced NGFW protection mechanisms to their cloud infrastructure, which comes with limitations and complexities.

SWG and SD-WAN: Better Together
On-Demand Webinar (55 min)

Secure Web Gateways need to natively integrate and support your SD-WAN capabilities to bring less complexity and costs all while delivering higher performance and security.

Zero Trust Security vs. SASE: An Architecture Deep Dive
On-Demand Webinar (60 min)

Deep dive into the two approaches to protecting globally distributed users, devices, and applications have emerged on the market: Zero Trust Security and Secure Access Service Edge (SASE).

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)
On-Demand Webinar (60 min)

Secure Access Service Edge, or SASE, is an emerging cybersecurity concept. In this video, you understand how the key capabilities of SASE address the demands of growing network sprawl and the challenges of digitally transforming your business.

Building a Bridge for Secure, Multi-Cloud Connectivity with SASE
On-Demand Webinar (60 min)

Learn how to seamlessly deploy a blended combination of both cloud and on-premises services to create consistent services, features, policies, and configuration regardless where the service is delivered.

Laying the Foundation for SASE with Secure SD-WAN
On-Demand Webinar (59 min)

SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) is a cloud-native technology that establishes networking and network security as an integral and embedded function for digital initiatives.

Comprehensive Integrated Security
On-Demand Webinar (60 min)

Learn how a comprehensive integrated security architecture can drive dramatic improvements in threat protection, performance, and application experience.

Why is Security So Important for SD-WAN Deployments?
On-Demand Webinar (60 min)

Understand the importance of security and the challenges that exist with implenting security with SD-WAN services, as well as solutions that squarely address the security challenges when deploying SD-WAN.

Industry & Customer Insights Webinars
Accelerate Government Modernization with SASE
On-Demand Webinar (60 min)

Learn the fundamentals of SASE, why ZTNA and SASE matter to your agency teams to transform security management and best practices to enable modernization objectives without sacrificing security.

Five Real World SASE Customer Case Studies
On-Demand Webinar (60 min)

Learn about real-world customer SASE case studies including the challenges and problems each faced prior to implementation of SASE, what solutions they required, and the final configuration of what they implemented.

The SD-WAN Growth Report: Learn Why Your Peers Are Deploying SD-WAN 
On-Demand Webinar (61 min)

Understand the market trends and IT demands that drive organizations to deploy SD-WAN from the Futuriom SD-WAN Infrastructure Survey of 100 enterprise peers.

Real World Secure SD-WAN Banking Case Study
On-Demand Webinar (60 min)

Learn how a large bank addressed their People, Process, Tools and Technology, and Analytics and Automation requirements across the entire organization.

Solutions for Lean IT Webinars
SASE for Lean IT
On-Demand Webinar (59 min)

Learn about how your organization can reduce cost, time, and complexity associated with WAN transformation. Experience how you can manage your network edge, while simplifying the branch with fewer devices.

Versa Titan Customer Deployment Examples
On-Demand Webinar (60 min)

Hear real-life examples of what customers are doing with their deployments of the Versa Titan service, what problems/challenges these companies had to solve, and the solution they implemented.

Versa Titan Under the Hood Explanations and Demos for Lean IT
On-Demand Webinar (60 min)

See how zero touch deployment, network configuration, security enforcement, ongoing operations and visibility are empowering the next generation of Lean IT professionals.

Network Transformation Webinars
Simplify and Secure Multi-Cloud Connectivity for Branch and Corporate Offices 
On-Demand Webinar (59 min)

Learn how your company can simplify a broad range of multi-cloud networking and security functions that include routing, SD-WAN, carrier-grade NAT, DOS, IP address management, stateful firewall, NGFW, IPS, IDS, antivirus, and malware in a single-pane-of-glass view. 

Overcome Key Security Challenges across the MEC and IOT Ecosystem
On-Demand Webinar (57 min)

Learn top strategies to secure the MEC and IOT gateway, harden against API exploitation and detect privileged elevation in applications along with approaches to build zero trust holistically, guarantee end-to-end SLA management, and contextual security and visibility.

5G Readiness: Requirements and Use Cases for Speed and Security
On-Demand Webinar (60 min)

Join us to review the core requirements and use cases organizations should look for in an SD-WAN appliance supporting 5G as well as the risk mitigations that are needed for secure connectivity.

Core Tenets of Strong Zero Trust Network Access
On-Demand Webinar (58 min)

Organizations need to take a deeper look into what makes a strong Zero Trust Network Access solution by not only it’s feature set but it’s interoperability with other solutions

How to Standardize and Streamline Your Secure SD-WAN Deployment
On-Demand Webinar (58 min)

Secure SD-WAN deployments require knowledge of network design, scale for thousand of sites, and empowering software to take responsibility for some network maintenance duties. This is where Secure SD-WAN templates come into play.

Future Proof Your Network Security with Software Defined Perimeter (SDP)
On-Demand Webinar (59 min )

Highlights include key business drivers and technical functionality that Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) provides organizations to defend against new variations of old attack methods.

Accelerating Digital Transformation with Secure SD-WAN
On-Demand Webinar (58 min)

Senior executives from Versa Networks and First Data Corp. (now Fiserv) outline two distinct journeys of successfully deploying the optimal solution for the new WAN and the key criteria for qualifying Secure SD-WAN in support of digital transformation strategies.

Secure SD-WAN Architecture with 5G and Edge Compute
On-Demand Webinar (58 min)

The industry is poised to roll out the new wave of 5G mobile-network technology. Learn how Secure SD-WAN can simplify management, boost security and reliability across on-premise, cloud and edge.

Cloud Services with Amazon Web Services
On-Demand Webinar (57 min)

Secure SD-WAN provides an architecture that enables secure, reliable, and simple integration with cloud services today. Learn how to seamlessly integrate with Amazon Web Services.

Cloud Services with Microsoft Azure
On-Demand Webinar (60 min)

Secure SD-WAN provides an architecture that enables secure, reliable, and simple integration with cloud services today. Learn how to seamlessly integrate to Microsoft Azure.

Sophisticated Analytics
On-Demand Webinar (60 min)

Gain insight to the best practices on achieving holistic visibility, base-lining, correlation and predictive analysis for network, application usage, and security events.

Full-featured SD-WAN Solution Deep Dive
On-Demand Webinar (60 min)

Learn about the capabilities you should expect to find in a full-featured SD-WAN design and how these features operate within the larger Secure SD-WAN architecture.

Scalable Advanced Routing & Network Topologies
On-Demand Webinar (60 min)

Watch this webinar to learn how an integrated architecture with advanced routing enables a scalable solution and how you need more than traditional routing to fulfill fundamental roles in your network.

Secure SD-WAN for Multi-Cloud Deployments
On-Demand Webinar (60 min)

Hybrid Cloud, Public Cloud, and Multi-Cloud are the new operating norms for Enterprise IT as is SD-WAN. Learn how you can ensure a seamless implementation of both Secure SD-WAN and Multi-cloud.


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