SASE: The Modern Secure Network for Satellite Service Providers

Satellite service providers offer state-of-the-art networking and communication services for a wide variety of customers such as government and military entities, large private enterprises, and aeronautical organizations. Broadband satellite services provide reliable high-speed connectivity in areas where fixed or mobile networks aren’t able to.

Simply put: satellite internet connection offers fast speeds to remote and rural areas.

The latest wireless technology, 5G, and its continued adoption have introduced a demand for higher bandwidth, greater reliability, and bigger network capacity. However, supporting 5G adoption also presents challenges with current fixed and mobile network providers. Corporate enterprises, shipping, transportation, and aviation industries are increasingly demanding high-throughput connectivity resulting in the high growth of the satellite service provider market. Moreover, there are still large territories that remain uncovered by mobile network options, and satellite connection is increasingly becoming the answer to modern challenges that organizations face.

Communications satellite deployments in 2020 climbed 477% compared to 2019.

The Space Report by Space Foundation

Powering a new age of communications with Versa SASE

Satellite Service Providers are choosing Versa SASE for its ability to connect users and devices to applications more reliably and securely. By delivering consistent, high-quality bandwidth, users are able to stay connected regardless of their location. Additionally, in cases where connectivity is lacking, Satellite Service Providers can provide new connections with reliable, high-speed internet.

Versa SASE optimizes satellite networks with a single, unified system called VOS™. VOS operates across a multi-orbit environments such as Mid Earth Orbit (MEO), Geosynchronous Orbit (GEO), and Low Earth Orbit (LEO), providing Satellite Service Providers flexibility with their deployments.

With industry-leading SD-WAN at its core, integrated with a comprehensive suite of security services, Versa SASE provides secure, dynamic link bonding between diverse transport systems, delivering satellite network operators a seamless network.

An example of this is the support of TCP-Optimization, where VOS™ enhances performance over high-delay satellite links and dramatically improves loss recovery times.

Versa SASE can be delivered both on-premises and via the cloud, providing IT teams flexibility. When it comes to on-premise deployments, rather than have multiple hardware appliances sprawled across their various deployments, Satellite Service Providers can rely on Versa CSG appliances, a single, all-in-one box for all their networking and security needs. Additionally, Versa CSG appliances provide zero-touch deployment, allowing IT teams to rapidly deploy new sites and quickly roll-out policy updates across all branches.

Offered as a total package with a single management console, Versa SASE reduces management sprawl, decreases network complexity, and drives down operational costs.

High-Performing, Reliable Network

  • Enact policies based on jitter, latency, packet loss for optimal network path
  • Switch from one transport network to another, ensuring an always-on connectivity
  • Enhance traffic steering to a variety of satellite topologies:
    • Hybrid paths
    • Geographical diversification
    • Asymmetric traffic
    • Hybrid satellite/LTE/Wi-Fi

Network and Security Visibility at Your Fingertips

  • Receive audit trails for security events related to security policies enabled in your network
  • Report on network outages, health, and application performance
  • Understand status and statistics for data aggregation, per-port, per-application trends over time

Single, Centralized Management Experience

  • Simplify logistics with a complete network and security solution
  • Integrate with existing infrastructure: greenfield and brownfield implementation
  • Deploy, configure, and manage network services (SD-WAN, QoS, DHCP, and more) and security features (NGFW, IDS/IPS, SWG, ZTNA, and more) under a single, centralized management interface.

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