Lean IT Solution Webinars

Watch on-demand the upcoming market trends predicted by Versa technical and product subject matter expects.

How Mid-market Enterprises Can Migrate to SASE at Low Cost while Ensuring Uptime
On-Demand Webinar (57 min)

Learn how mid-market companies can make their digital transformation to SASE so they can manage their network and security protocols in one single pane-of-glass.

SASE for Lean IT
On-Demand Webinar (59 min)

Learn about how your organization can reduce cost, time, and complexity associated with WAN transformation. Experience how you can manage your network edge, while simplifying the branch with fewer devices.

Versa Titan Customer Deployment Examples
On-Demand Webinar (60 min)

Hear real-life examples of what customers are doing with their deployments of the Versa Titan service, what problems/challenges these companies had to solve, and the solution they implemented.

Versa Titan Under the Hood Explanations and Demos for Lean IT
On-Demand Webinar (60 min)

See how zero touch deployment, network configuration, security enforcement, ongoing operations and visibility are empowering the next generation of Lean IT professionals.


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Versa Academy is your source for all the information you need to build the next generation of Secure SD-WAN. At Versa Academy, you have access to technical documentation, video demonstrations and tutorials, best-practices guides, and free or paid training resources that help you gain the knowledge you need all at your own pace.

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