SASE on SIM for Mobile Operators

Clientless, SIM-based identity for authentication and access control in mobile networks


SIM-based authentication

Versa SASE on SIM integrates network and security services directly into the mobile network architecture without the need for an agent or on-device application – all without a change to the mobile network. It leverages SIM-based identity for authentication and access control – enabling the application of advanced security policies at the mobile network edge at the granularity of the subscriber.

Traffic from SIM-enabled devices is enforced through a SASE point of enforcement where it undergoes security checks and policy enforcement before reaching enterprise resources. This model enables a decentralized, scalable, and secure approach to network access and data protection, aligning with the distributed nature of modern enterprise operations.

Datasheet: Versa SASE on SIM


Build value added SASE services

Enterprises face an overwhelming challenge when securing IoT and SIM-based IT devices in mobile networks. IoT devices are limited by an inability to incorporate traditional security agents. SIM-enabled IT devices are burdened by the complexity of lifecycle management and ongoing costs of multiple agents/clients on multiple operating systems and end devices. Moreover, built-in device fingerprinting capabilities ensure that right device is using the associated data plan.

Securing these use cases drive the value added services that mobile operators can deliver with Versa SASE on SIM. These will enable enterprises with visibility for every user and device on the network, Zero Trust enforcement into the mobile operator network, and security for any-to-any connectivity between users, devices and apps regardless of location.

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Increase your Average Revenue Per User

Integrating SASE on SIM into your network empowers you to offer a spectrum of premium security services tailored to meet the evolving needs of your customers. You’re positioned to offer security services that can range from IoT security, fixed wireless devices, and work from anywhere solutions with integrated data protection and compliance services.

This not only boosts your business by tapping into new customers but also elevates your market position by delivering high-value, differentiated security solutions that cater to the growing demand for comprehensive mobile security.


“Organizations that are looking to unify (or have already unified) their security and networking strategies and teams should put Versa at the top of their list of prospective solutions.”

—Forrester Wave™ Zero Trust Edge Solution, Q3 2023 Report


Improve the Economics of your Service

Leverage a platform approach to unify your network and security infrastructure. And with an option for on-premises SASE deployments, you can leverage existing network, co-location and personnel investments. You can take your traditional GI-LAN investments to a whole new level with on-premises SASE.

This approach also enables your business to leverage oversubscription and arbitrage between bandwidth-based costs and user-based pricing. And with a private deployment option, directly manage and control a superior customer experience to create stickiness and build intrinsic value on the platform via value-added services.

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Build your own brand as an industry leading SASE provider

Build your SASE brand with a leader in single-vendor Unified SASE. Offer services via an AI/ML-powered SSE and SD-WAN approach that has been validated by Gartner Magic Quadrant and Forrester Wave.


Gartner Magic Quadrant: for Single Vendor SASE

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Forrester Weave Zero Trust Edge Solution Q3 2023

Forrester Wave™ Zero Trust Edge Solution Report

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Build your business on a proven, scalable platform

7 of the world’s top-10 telecommunication operators rely on Versa and the world’s largest and most complex enterprises entrust their business-critical networks to Versa, including industry leaders in retail, finance, manufacturing, banking and government.


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