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SASE ROI Calculator

SASE can save your company a lot of money. Use the industry’s-first SASE ROI calculator to quantify the cost savings you can achieve in services, asset consolidation, and labor when deploying Versa SASE.

Top Energy Firm Achieves Comprehensive “Work-From-Anywhere” with Versa SASE

A large, publicly traded energy company operating in all areas of the oil and gas industry has dramatically simplified their network stack and realized huge cost savings with Versa SASE.

Availability and Buying Options in the Emerging SASE Market

EMA evaluates the different SASE vendors and their approaches to architecture, go-to-market, and support for their cloud-delivered and hybrid services.

Gartner Magic Quadrant for WAN Edge Infrastructure

Gartner Magic Quadrant report analyzes the various vendors in the WAN edge market and Versa is positioned as a Leader.

Versa Networks - Explained in 1 minute

Learn about the Versa Secure SD-WAN solution in a high-level, one minute overview.

Versa SASE (Secure Access Service Edge)

SASE is the simplest, most scalable way to continuously secure and connect the millions points of access in and out of the corporate resources regardless of location.

Versa Secure SD-WAN – Simple, Secure, and Reliable Branch to Multi-Cloud Connectivity

Versa Secure SD-WAN is a single software platform that offers multi-layered security and enables multi-cloud connectivity for Enterprises.

Enterprise Data Loss Prevention by Versa Network DLP

One of the most important assets of an Enterprise is the critical data that it may possess. Critical data may be in the form of intellectual property, or confidential data about its employees, customers, or about its business and security of its operations. Leakage of such critical data by accident or maliciously by an insider can cause severe issues for Enterprise and for its customers.

Companies utilize Network Data Loss Prevention solutions to prevent leakage of sensitive information via the network. An effective Network Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution monitors, detects and potentially blocks sensitive data exfiltration while the data is in motion across the network using various protocols or when it is residing on popular cloud repositories.

Network DLP is also used to enforce regulations required by certain industries to ensure that Enterprise organizations are able to demonstrate adequate care to avert the loss or theft of confidential and sensitive information. Examples of such regulations can be to provide protection of personal health records in health industry (via HIPAA), financial records in financial industries (PCI, SOX) and many more. Hence it is expected for Network DLP solutions to support different data formats and types to support such well-defined, industry specific data formats and types to comply with the requirements of each of these market verticals.

As part of Versa SASE product portfolio, Versa offers cloud delivered Network DLP as a service as part of its Versa Secure Internet Access (VSIA) product offering.

Versa’s Network DLP functions being offered as part of comprehensive security offering VSPIA makes it simple and effective for Enterprises to purchase and use Versa’s Network DLP functionalities together with the rest of comprehensive security capabilities provided by Versa’s VSIA offering. Versa’s VSIA offering also provides NGFWaaS (including UTMaaS), SWG, CASB, DNS Security and more capabilities for our Enterprise customers. 

Versa’s Network DLP Offers Effective Data Protection

  • Comprehensive Coverage Rich set of communication options are being used today with email, web, chat, social media, SaaS, storage-as-a-service. An Enterprise’s data can leak through any of such means. Versa’s Network DLP supports commonly used protocols, data formats, and applications. Via the use of natively integrated SSL/TLS, Versa’s Network DLP extracts files and content from encrypted sessions and applies DLP policies on encrypted content. Versa’s Network DLP supports files by type, size, name, metadata, file signature, as well as providing broad coverage of popular file types. Furthermore, PDF, and popular image file types that may require optical character recognition (OCR) are also supported.
  • Powerful Policy Actions Versa’s Network DLP comes with powerful actions of filtering, document tagging, redaction, encryption, tokenization, quarantine and more to enforce policy rules as needed by the Enterprise organization or regulatory requirements.
  • Single Policy definition / language and policy engine Versa’s policy engine and policy capabilities used for SD-WAN, application traffic management, expansive set of security functions are extended to cover Versa DLP capabilities. Single policy engine and single pane of glass provides unified and consistent experience that nicely expands from securing the network, managing the traffic to securing the actual data. With unified policy engine and policy language, inefficiencies observed in some vendor solutions are not observed on Versa SSE solutions.
  • CASB and Network DLP Working Together for Best Data Protection With data moving to cloud repositories and SaaS apps, new challenges are being observed. Data access and leakage control challenges for data on the cloud are required which translates for the need to run CASB and DLP functions together. Versa SSE solution with capabilities of inline, real time and out-of-band, real time, as well as non-real time basis, provides effective solutions. While Versa CASB controls data access with granularity, Versa’s Network DLP scans the data to prevent leakage, providing a complete solution to our customers.
  • Easy to Use Commonly used applications, protocols, data formats and actions are captured in Versa Network DLP’s management solution in intuitive, easy to use menus and readily available templates to our customers. Configuration and management solution comes with integrated best practices to start and use Versa’s Network DLP function with ease and speed. Integrated Analytics provides big data based detailed insights on data that is scanned and secured on near real time basis as well as for the past time durations adjustable by our customers.
  • Regulatory Compliance Versa’s Network DLP provides regulatory compliance for commonly established regulatory bodies including HIPAA, PCI, SOX and others. Versa solution utilizes built-in appropriate best practices, RBAC, templates, auditing, built-in resilience and fall-back methods, analytics options and other means to satisfy and provide necessary proof points for obtaining and maintaining regulatory compliance.

How to Deploy Versa SASE

Versa SASE is available in an array of deployment options, allowing you to tailor the solution to your network environment.


Available as software to deploy in on-premises hardware including appliances, bare metal, hypervisors, or containers.


Available as a service delivered via the cloud for networking, security, and analytics to thin branches and end users.


Available as a blended combination of SASE services via the cloud and on-premises for any location profile.

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