Improving Cloud Security with a CASB Solution

Live Webinar (December 1, 2022, 10 am Pacific)
Rahul Vaidya, Director of Product Management

With increased adoption of cloud and SaaS applications, a CASB solution is essential for the enterprise organizations to secure granular access control, and data protection functions. The growth of countless cloud platforms and applications including apps like Microsoft 365 and Google apps have made traditional network security tools, such as data center firewalls, far less effective.

A CASB solution provides control over corporate data that is either in motion or at rest and in cloud platforms and apps.

Join Rahul Vaidya, Director of Product Management at Versa Networks, as we discuss how enterprise organizations can identify shadow IT and improve cloud security with a CASB solution.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What is a CASB solution and how it works?
  • How it improves visibility by identifying Shadow IT – or unapproved third-party cloud applications being used by employees?
  • How CASB validates uploaded/downloaded content to/from a cloud based SaaS applications?
  • How CASB detects malicious content uploaded to the cloud?
  • How to qualify a CASB solution that supports a rich set of SaaS applications – Office 365, Google, Business, and productivity apps (CRM, HR, Service Desk, ERP)?