Versa Secure Access Fabric

Cloud-native SASE solution merging security and network connectivity, delivering an assured user experience via a SASE fabric





Hybrid work is not just a short-term trend

78% of the workforce has returned to the office or become hybrid.

Security and networking will unify

By 2025, 80% of enterprises will have adopted a strategy to unify web, cloud services and private application access using a SASE/SSE architecture.

Security teams remain increasingly fragmented

On average, security teams juggled 47 distinct cybersecurity solutions to manage threats.


“Not only has Versa addressed the current struggles of securely transmitting data and connecting remote offices and mobile users, the vendor’s superior vision and innovation are aligned on solving the upcoming challenges brought on by multicloud and IoT.”


Versa Secure Access Fabric (VSAF) is a cloud-based Secure Network as a Service (SNaaS) solution that delivers integrated network and cloud security capabilities without the need for traditional network infrastructure, ownership and maintenance.

VSAF includes a comprehensive suite of SASE capabilities including ZTNA, FWaaS, SWG, CASB, DLP and a SLA-aware, traffic engineered backbone. Versa has deployed PoPs around the world that deliver distributed on-ramps for easy access and improved performance that connect users, devices and locations to this SASE fabric.



Get the best security & user experience

Customer and user experience is critical to your business but today’s security and connectivity solutions can drag down responsiveness and user experiences. The Internet operates on a “best effort” basis and is architected without security in mind while standing up and operating your own infrastructure with limited budget and staff is not core to business.

What if you could get secure connectivity for your users and customers, with assured performance without the need to build and manage it yourself?

Gartner Magic Quadrant: for Single Vendor SASE


Eliminate the complexity of deploying, integrating and operating multiple point products.


Secure every location, user, device and application with comprehensive real-time threat protection built on a Zero Trust foundation.


Seamlessly connect any location, user, device to any app or workload with an assured user experience.


Secure Access, Threat Protection and Data Protection – all in one

Versa Secure Access Fabric (VSAF) is built on a Zero Trust foundation to deliver least privilege access and threat protection for private applications, SaaS apps and the Internet – in a single integrated solution. With a unified security policy from a unified management console, VSAF provides a simple, consistent and cohesive approach to securing your users, devices and locations.

Zero Trust
  • Least privilege access. Granular access control to private and SaaS apps is based on Zero Trust attributes that include user identity, device security posture and a broad set of contextual information.
  • Continuous verification. Trust is continuously assessed based on user behavior and device security posture, not just at the initiation of a connection but throughout the duration of a session, allowing for real-time reaction to changing risk levels.
  • Stop lateral movement. With Versa’s Zero Trust Everywhere, Versa’s adaptive software defined micro-segmentation divides the LAN network into microsegments, which when combined with Continuous Posture Assessment and action, reduces the risk by eliminating lateral movement of threats within the network.


Threat and Data Protection
  • Detect and Prevent ransomware and malware threats using multiple anti-virus engines, reputation-based algorithms, and signature-based matches
  • AI-Powered Advanced threat protection (ATP) to detect and prevent zero-day threats using AI/ML, multiple sandboxes and static/dynamic analysis and UEBA that aligns to the MITRE ATT&CK framework.
  • Continuous inspection of web traffic. Block inappropriate content and applications at scale for unencrypted and HTTPS/TLS1.3 traffic as independently validated.
  • Data Protection Policies: VSAF delivers the ability to perform rich AI-powered content analysis to secure files, metadata, emails and content with predefined or custom DLP profiles.
“Organizations that are looking to unify (or have already unified) their security and networking strategies and teams should put Versa at the top of their list of prospective solutions.”

—Forrester Wave™ Zero Trust Edge Solution, Q3 2023 Report

Improve Application Experience

VSAF delivers an assured user-to-application experience with an adaptive, best path selection capability. It securely connects the user or device based on multiple end-to-end attributes (e.g. jitter, MOS score, latency) for all available paths including your own Internet connection.

Each user, device or location is concurrently connected to multiple gateways. Any failure or degradation will result in a seamless failover to the alternate gateway – fully transparent to the user.


Dramatically simplify security


VSAF offers a consolidated and holistic SASE service, that cuts through the complexities of point product solutions with a unified approach for securely connecting your locations, users, devices to applications and workloads.

Key capabilities
  • Simplified Connectivity VSAF consolidates and delivers all SASE functions at every Versa Cloud Gateway. You can connect to Versa gateways from any location using a router, firewall, 3rd party SD-WAN or Versa SD-WAN. You can also connect remote users, on-premise users and devices. No matter where a user connects from, the same unified network and security policy is enforced.
  • Simplified Troubleshooting and Planning VSAF provides extensive real-time and historical telemetry that delivers end-to-end visibility. This provides administrators with comprehensive visibility to determine root cause and reduce the mean-time-to-innocence. Versa’s AIOps tools act as a copilot to diagnose, prioritize, repair and anticipate issues.
  • Simplified Management VSAF’s unified policy, management platform and data lake simplifies deployment and lifecycle management. In one stroke, you can configure once and enforce a policy across the entire fabric. And security and access policies follow the user wherever they move.
  • Simplified Integration VSAF fits seamlessly into your existing environment. Versa has native and API integrations to make it easy to integrate with 3rd party IAM, SIEMs, DLP engines, automation tools, and encryption engines. Standards-based GRE and IKEv2 IPSec tunnels enable an open approach to onramp onto VSAF.
  • Simplified Endpoint VSAF consolidates multiple agents into a single client with simplified administration through a unified management console.
“Reference customers said the vendor’s single interface makes it easy to set up networking and security policies from the cloud-based platform. Customers can use Versa Advanced Network Insights and Verbo to ensure that applications are secure and optimized from edge to core to edge.”
-Forrester Wave™ Zero Trust Edge Solution, Q3 2023 Report

Private SASE

If you wish to leverage your own cloud, data centers, network and operations to address privacy, security and data sovereignty requirements, a private deployment is available.

Assured User Experience

Assured user experience for all your users, devices, and locations across an application aware, high-speed backbone optimizes reachability based on real-time network conditions.

Simplify any-to-any Connectivity

Globally distributed set of on-ramps for easy access to connect users, devices and locations to apps and workloads.

Enhanced security posture

Seamlessly consolidate ZTNA, SWG, CASB, FWaaS, and DLP security under a uniform management platform.