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Versa Networks and Google Cloud Accelerate Access to Cloud Workloads and Branch Offices

By Rahul Vaiyda
Senior Product Manager
May 27, 2021

We are excited to now be a part of Google Cloud Network Connectivity Center allowing our customers to secure access to cloud workloads and branch sites. With this integration, Versa delivers end-to-end security and network control that reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO).  This integration allows for secure and reliable connectivity to cloud workloads and on-premises resources in an automated, dynamic approach. Read more about the integrations at the Google blog

Utilizing Versa Secure SD-WAN from the Versa SASE Platform, our collaboration enables customers who have business applications anywhere in the world to gain optimized connectivity by providing an end-to-end solution that is access-independent, multi-access capable, and application-aware. Versa now integrated with Google Cloud enables dynamic, secure branch-to-branch and branch-to-cloud secure connectivity with Versa’s industry-leading SASE services – including network SLA monitoring, deep packet inspection, video and voice performance monitoring, and application acceleration techniques such as forward error correction – across the Google global backbone, allowing for unparalleled secure access speeds and capabilities.  

Versa SASE for Google Cloud Network Connectivity Center 

Versa SASE’s industry-leading SD-WAN delivers enterprise-grade networking, security, visibility, automation, and performance capabilities all in a single software, and single management interface. With this platform, enterprises can reap the benefits of fast, scalable, and secure IT deployment which results in better application performance, excellent user experience, smaller attack surfaces, and lower total cost of ownership. Built from the ground-up, Versa Secure SD-WAN helps organizations of all sizes overcome the challenges and complexities of brownfield environments.

Google Cloud Network Connectivity Center (NCC) simplifies deployment, configuration, and management of on-premises networks and cloud connectivity. By leveraging Google’s global infrastructure, Google Cloud NCC provides a centralized management model, allowing connectivity between physical locations to application workloads hosted on-premises or in Google Cloud, using connectivity types such as a cloud VPN, cloud Interconnects, and third-party router appliances. Google NCC and Versa Secure SD-WAN together help reduce operational burden and costs by the means of automation and by always finding the most dynamic, cost efficient path.

For Versa Secure SD-WAN current and potential customers, the SD-WAN Overlay provides the last mile connectivity to the Google cloud environment – a key component to reducing costs. In the Google NCC architecture, a Secure SD-WAN Branch appears as a SD-WAN Spoke. Logically, a customer-instantiated VOS hub in Google Cloud would become a SD-WAN Spoke Hub (see Figure 1).  

Figure 1: VOS integrated in Google Cloud NCC. 

In the Google Network Connectivity Center architecture, the Versa Operating System (VOS) instances in Google VPC are attached as NCC Spokes to the Network Connectivity Center Hub. The VOS instances establish BGP sessions with the cloud routers (in each region) to dynamically exchange network reachability information. For example, with BGP-based dynamic information sharing, users in Branch Office 1 in Figure 1 can leverage the Google Backbone to reach applications in Branch Office 2, located across the globe. 

Versa Secure SD-WAN integrated with the Google Cloud Network Connectivity Center delivers an end-to-end network architecture that is access independent, leverages multiple accesses at the branch, and is application-aware – leading to low latency and reliable connectivity. Additionally, Versa Secure SD-WAN blends in Zero Trust capabilities to ensure the user is who they say they are and the devices they are accessing from are not compromised. Versa Secure SD-WAN provides the contextual intelligence to enable reliable connectivity over a variety of access links on the edge. Google NCC leverages a global backbone for providing reliable connectivity between Google NCC Hubs and cloud workloads. Together, Versa and Google provide a cost-efficient, reliable, and operationally simple network for connecting branches, data centers, and cloud workloads around the globe. 

Enterprise-Grade Connectivity for Branch Users to On-Premises Workloads   

Consider a globally distributed workforce needing VoIP, video conferencing, and other high bandwidth communication tools to effectively conduct day to day business. The branches across the globe are connected using the best local connectivity i.e., connectivity from local Internet Service Providers (ISPs) with wired and/or wireless technologies. 

The challenge in this globally distributed workforce is the ability to deliver optimal user and application experience, irrespective of whether this communication is between branch offices or between multi-cloud.

Figure 2: Enterprise leveraging Versa Secure SD-WAN and Google NCC for branch transit. 

To offer optimal experience, Versa Secure SD-WAN needs to be deployed at branch sites. At one end: Versa SD-WAN CPEs terminate on local WAN links and at the other end: Versa SD-WAN needs to be deployed within a Google VPC. In order to overcome challenges where the last mile connectivity to the sites is less reliable and thus not meeting corporate SLA requirements, Versa SD-WAN solution can auto-identify these applications and steer the application traffic over to the best possible path – reducing costs and increasing performance (See Figure 2). 

Versa Secure SD-WAN makes use of industry-leading network SLA monitoring, deep packet inspection, video and voice performance monitoring, and application acceleration techniques like Forward Error Correction to overcome the underperforming local links and provide a better user experience end to end. 

While Versa Secure SD-WAN ensures optimal user experience from local branch to closest Google cloud hub over local ISP, Google’s global backbone provides ultra-reliable connectivity between the Google NCC spoke hubs (which run VOS).

The integrated solution between Versa and Google offers optimal and intelligent end-to-end connectivity that reduces total costs and complexity.

Reliable Connectivity from Branch Users to Cloud Services 

Now consider a global workforce accessing cloud hosted workloads that are not centrally managed. The workloads are distributed globally to scale in and out elastically based on the resource requirements and spanning to different regions and availability zones based on geo-redundancy requirements. Branches are connected to cloud workloads using a diverse set of internet links both wired and wireless.

The challenge many enterprises face is to provide reliable connectivity from the branch site to cloud workloads. Any inefficiency in application access spirals immediately into loss of business continuity and employee productivity. 

Figure 3: Architecture for reliable connectivity to cloud workloads.
Figure 3: Architecture for reliable connectivity to cloud workloads. 

In order to maintain business continuity, Versa Secure SD-WAN provides connectivity from the branch to Google NCC Hubs over an SD-WAN overlay (see Figure 3). The Secure SD-WAN solution applies deep packet inspection and role-based access control to prioritize and accelerate certain types of traffic. 

Once the traffic enters the Google NCC domain, the traffic takes advantage of highly reliable and scalable Google infrastructure to reach the intended destination.

Automated, Simplified Deployment and Administration 

Versa’s orchestration system also tightly integrates with Google Cloud NCC to provide automated and dynamic deployment and administration that reduces provisioning time of new branch sites to the matter of minutes. With zero-touch provisioning combined with the Google global infrastructure, workloads can be distributed globally to scale in and scale out based on resource requirements, and span to different regions and availability zones based on geo-redundancy requirements. This integration allows organizations to spin out a new site anywhere in the world in minutes, and then dynamically connect it leveraging a diverse set of wired and wireless links depending on performance and compliance requirements.  

Versa SASE delivers tightly integrated SASE services such as SD-WAN, Next-Generation Firewall, Secure Web Gateway, Cloud Access Security Broker, and Zero Trust Network Access via the cloud, on-premises, or as a blended combination of both via Versa Operating System (VOS™) with a Single-Pass Parallel Processing architecture and managed through a single pane of glass. Versa uniquely provides contextual security based on user, role, device, application, location, the security posture of the device, and content. This unique single-pass architecture combined with Google Cloud offers the only solution on the market for complete visibility into networking and security, Quality of Service (QoS) performance, allowing for dynamic reduction of end-to-end costs.  

To learn more about the Versa Networks ad Google Cloud integration, please visit our partner page or read our press release and solution brief