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Versa Networks Recognized as a Leader in Forrester Wave Zero Trust Edge Solution, Q3 2023 Report

ZTE Delivers Converged Networking And Security As A Single Unified Service

Zero Trust edge (ZTE) architecture merges and delivers networking and security functions as a service. ZTE is disruptive and high stakes, as it centralizes multiple networking and security capabilities into a single solution delivered as a service with a single interface and data lake. With one vendor delivering all of this capability, selecting a ZTE solutions provider is a high-risk, high-reward decision.

Forrester Weave Zero Trust Edge Solution Q3 2023

Evaluation Overview

The Forrester Wave™ evaluation criteria are grouped into three high-level categories:

  • Current offering. Each vendor’s position on the vertical axis of the Forrester Wave graphic indicates the strength of its current offering. Key criteria for these solutions include remote workforce security capabilities; Zero Trust principles; network control; management; monitoring, visibility, and observability; and integrations.
  • Strategy. Placement on the horizontal axis indicates the strength of the vendors’ strategies. We evaluated vision, innovation, roadmap, partner ecosystem, pricing flexibility and transparency, and supporting services and offerings.
  • Market presence. Represented by the size of the markers on the graphic, our market presence scores reflect each vendor’s revenue and number of installed bases.

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