Top 10 Reasons SD-WAN

Looking to learn the signs why its time to consider a new SD-WAN? Explore the key indicators that your current SD-WAN might be falling short here!

Watch this webinar for an enlightening webinar hosted by Versa Networks, where Dan Maier and Clint Bogard will delve into the critical indicators signaling the need for an SD-WAN upgrade. In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, having a robust and efficient SD-WAN to connect your sites, data centers and cloud platforms is more than a luxury—it’s a necessity. Many organizations deployed their first SD-WAN a decade ago and realized initial benefits. But as the market and technology have evolved, many find themselves grappling with an outdated SD-WAN solution that no longer meets their business needs.

This webinar will explore the top reasons to consider replacing your existing SD-WAN, including lack of innovation from vendors, inadequate security features, forced expensive upgrades, persistent security vulnerabilities, and the hidden costs of ‘free’ SD-WAN products. We’ll also discuss emerging network needs like support for IoT devices, integration with 5G and satellite networks, and the movement towards Unified SASE platforms.

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