Secure SD-WAN Architecture:

Scalable Advanced Routing & Network Topologies

On-Demand Webinar (59 minutes)
with Yusuf Fidvi, Sr. Solutions Architect

Routing plays a fundamental role in every network, yet is not always considered initially when evaluating SD-WAN solutions. A Secure SD-WAN implementation also requires routing for both overlay operation and underlay integration.

Join Yusuf Fidvi, Sr. Solutions Architect with Versa Networks, for this webinar to learn how an integrated architecture with advanced routings enables a scalable solution.

Network architects, security architects, network engineers, and security engineers will find this webinar especially interesting as you will learn:

  • Necessary routing technologies and protocols for SD-WAN deployments
  • Typical networking topologies used in SD-WAN
  • Routing requirements in SD-WAN which are sometimes overlooked
  • Best practices for implementing Secure SD-WAN and routing