How to Standardize and Streamline Your Secure SD-WAN Deployment

On-Demand Webinar (58 min)
With Apurva Mehta, Founder and CTO, and Matthew Iakhov, Systems Engineering Manager

Secure SD-WAN deployments require knowledge of network design, scale for thousands of sites, and empowering software to take responsibility for some network maintenance duties. This is where Secure SD-WAN templates come into play.

Join Matthew Iakhov, Systems Engineering Manager with Versa Networks, as he shares the key capabilities of Secure SD-WAN templates and why they are important.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Drivers for network transformation
  • Template-based Secure SD-WAN configuration
  • Types of templates and relationships between them
  • Workflows automation
  • Use Cases: SASE & Automation