Secure SD-WAN Architecture:

Full-featured SD-WAN Deep Dive

On-Demand Webinar (60 minutes)
with Dogu Narin, Head of Product Management

There are a significant number of SD-WAN features that are considered to be table stakes for new or refreshed network implementations. Architectural differences are an important factor influencing any decision for an SD-WAN deployment and can dramatically affect the performance, operation, scalability, and longevity of any solution.

Understanding the capabilities of full-featured SD-WAN and the architecture it is built on is imperative. Join Dogu Narin, Head of Product Management for Versa Networks as he discusses the capabilities you should expect to find in a full featured SD-WAN design and how these features operate within a Secure SD-WAN architecture.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • What full-featured SD-WAN features should you expect in an SD-WAN design
  • How do these features operate and why are they important for your business
  • Details of full-featured SD-WAN capabilities within a Secure SD-WAN architecture
  • How business and IT teams like yours are using full-featured SD-WAN