Analyst Research Report

SD-WAN Growth Outlook

In their 2019 report, Futuriom breaks down the virtualized wide-area networking (WAN) market and explains how enterprises are more knowledgeable now than ever and have growing requirements.

The world has been conditioned to buy services, on-demand, from the cloud. Now enterprises want to buy WAN from the cloud – rather than have it controlled by service providers deploying proprietary services on expensive, specialized routing equipment. At the same time, gains in bandwidth optimization techniques such as WAN optimization, de-duplication, load-balancing, and link balancing have become more sophisticated, enabling enterprises to leverage Internet broadband for business applications.

The driver? Enterprises have long struggled with the cost, complexity, and operations of managing WAN networks, and SD-WAN has a direct ROI: Lower the cost and increase the bandwidth, at the same time.

Access this free report from Futuriom to gain key insights into how the SD-WAN market is growing and accelerating. Also, discover key differentiators between a multitude of vendors offering SD-WAN as a product in a rapidly growing technology market.


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