Product Test Reports 2021 2021 Product Test Report for Enterprise Firewalls evaluates in detail the security effectiveness, management, performance of leading Network Firewall vendors and gives Versa Networks an AA rating.

This report evaluates both the group and individuals in the firewall market: one of the largest and most mature security technology segments. Firewalls have undergone several stages of development, from early packet filtering and circuit relay firewalls to application layer (proxy-based) and stateful inspection firewalls. With the expanded use of SSL/TLS crisscrossing the modern network, inspection of encrypted content is required.
Ratings in this Network Firewall report are based on expert opinions and forward-looking guidance on a product’s ability to meet future commitments to customers. These ratings also take into consideration technology and business leadership, employee turnover, customer satisfaction, financial strength, test results, and market conditions. Test results included security effectiveness, performance, SSL/TLS functionality, management, and customer feedback. evaluates in detail the security effectiveness, management, performance of leading Network Firewall vendors and gives Versa Networks an AA rating. Download now to see the detailed test analysis for Versa Networks Enterprise Firewall.


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