Global Digital Transformation Survey

Experiences and Attitudes Towards a Post-COVID Workforce

Experiences and Attitudes Towards a Post-COVID Workforce

Digital transformation of the network is now a requirement to support the new normal of a WFH workforce. With digital transformation came the expansion of the corporate network where users, devices, and applications are dispersed, introducing new network and security challenges unseen before. Versa Networks Global Digital Transformation Survey was conducted amongst over 500 IT networking and security professionals around the world to research the attitudes towards recent cybersecurity developments, including, but not limited to:

  • Examining the difference in attitudes between security and network professionals
  • Understanding what operational and business challenges are taken into consideration or completely forgotten in favor of other factors
  • Learning whether COVID-19 has fast-forwarded digital transformation plans
  • Investigating what, if anything, is prohibiting enterprises from digitizing their business and embracing the cloud

Read this survey report now to understand the challenges facing IT network and IT security professional coming out of a global pandemic and what organizations can do to address these new and unique concerns.

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