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SASE at Your Fingertips

Versa makes it easy for you to simplify networking and security by allowing you to connect to multi-cloud environments, improve application experience, and reduce the attack surface.

From a single pane of glass with Versa Director, you can get a powerful management interface that enables you to configure and enforce policies to deliver the speed, performance, and security everywhere: via the cloud, on-premises, or a blended combination of both. In the demo, you will see:

Intuitive Administration allows for great experience and easy-to-use templates

Real-Time View provides live monitoring of latency, bandwidth, loss, and more

Orchestration and Automation for zero-touch provisioning and consistent configuration policies

True Multi-Tenancy segment at the branch and apply unique QoS and RBAC controls

Embedded Security defends with IPS/IDS, Next-Gen Firewall, and Unified Threat Managements

Experience why Versa is the SASE leader with a hands-on walkthrough from one of our technical experts today!