How can SASE help you and your organization?

SASE converges all networking and security capabilities into a single-service cloud-native, globally distributed architecture that shifts the security focus from traffic-flow-centric to identity-centric.

SASE encompasses a package of technologies that embeds security into the global network fabric so it is always available no matter where the user is, where the application or resource being accessed is, or what combination of transport technologies connects the user and the resource.

A SASE security architecture can help your organization in many ways, from solving problems with traditional WAN architectures, presenting new digital transformation opportunities for your business, to redeploying IT staff more effectively. Some specific ways in which SASE can help include:

Reduces Costs and Complexity

IT infrastructure and point-product sprawl can be minimized, along with overall IT effort spent on managing a plethora of locations. There are fewer devices your IT team has to track, patch, update and manage life-cycles. SASE secures DIA which can revolutionize your transport costs, improve multi-path backup connectivity, improve location flexibility, enhance global user access, open opportunities for temporary presences such as kiosks, and leverage 5G capabilities.

Applies Least-Privilege Access, Reduces Attack Surface

The digital transformation and WFA trends have significantly enlarged the attack surface of your network. SASE enables you to close that down again by applying ZTNA principles, enforcing identity-based security for every transaction, and granting only least-privilege access. This mitigates lateral movement in your network after a single breach. SASE makes internet and MPLS transactions equally secure.

New Digital Business Scenarios

You can fully leverage multicloud opportunities knowing that SASE can protect you wherever your assets may be. Using a SaaS model, the barrier to entry with SASE is incredibly low. You can easily turn it on with a few licenses, and instantly add new services without the need to purchase, configure or deploy any boxes.

Ensures Consistent Policy

A SASE architecture enables you to manage, and set, security policy in a single place, which is then auto-propagated throughout the network and enforced everywhere. This closes many security loopholes and complexities in legacy WAN architectures. It also obviates the testing burden to maintain disparate legacy security devices all around your network.

Centralized Orchestration

Single-view management allows you to rapidly deploy SASE services throughout your network, and end-to-end analytics ease the IT burden (and skillset needed) of correlating several disparate products’ management information.

Increases IT Staff Effectiveness

Instead of IT staff spending time learning and certifying on a multitude of vendors’ products, team members can now be assigned consolidated role-based IT responsibilities, and leverage central visibility and control over the entire network, including on-prem and cloud assets. A SASE architecture frees your IT staff to focus on more strategic work.

Secure, Seamless User Access, Remote and Mobile

SASE can be implemented on-prem, in the cloud or for the mobile/home office—wherever it’s needed, always offering consistent user authentication and security policy enforcement. SASE brings security to where the transactions are, giving your users a seamless, optimized experience regardless of their location, device of choice, or transport technology.

Increased, Optimized Performance

A single-stack software SASE implementation optimizes performance by doing all security checks and policy enforcement in a single pass instead of repeatedly packing/unpacking packets as legacy architectures do. A SASE implementation also eliminates backhauling traffic to a single policy-enforcement point and the consequent scalability bottlenecks and increased latency. A SASE architecture allows you to optimize client-to-cloud latency by taking security to where the users and traffic are, and also accommodate seasonal traffic fluctuations with an on-demand, pay-as-you-go model.

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