Policy-Based Automation

Automated and consistent policy enforcement everywhere.

Versa Networks provides a centralized approach to management for configuration, monitoring and troubleshooting via a single pane of glass, known as the Versa Director. This approach allows network and security operators to configure and apply common security, network, application, user, and business policies across the entire network as easy as configuring a single device. Implementing this methodology using templates eliminates configuration errors.

This allows organizations to apply common policies within seconds across the entire SASE environment, a huge improvement over the hours (or days) required in traditional networks. Versa Director provides both a web UI and a comprehensive API for customers to easily manage SASE networking and security services via a single console. Versa policy-based automation enables:

Automated Zero-touch Provisioning (ZTP)

Global Zero-touch provisioning enables organizations to rapidly deploy VOS on-premises and in the cloud automatically and remotely, at massive scale. VOS uses call-home features to secure connect to a cloud-based staging server automatically when it boots up. Alternatively, organizations can also choose to activate VOS devices through an onsite administrator using a laptop connected to the device, over a mobile phone for WiFi-enabled devices, or through the device client.

Automation of Network Topologies

Versa SASE automates the creation of the most common networking and security topologies, namely full-mesh, partial mesh, hub & spoke and any other arbitrary topologies. By using built-in workflows, administrators are able to create and deploy proven and security validated designs expeditiously. Integrated workflows automate the creation of network slices to meet the aggressive SLAs of 5G and MEC use cases effectively.

Versa SASE Automation

Versa provides automated signature and vulnerability updates, log analysis, configuration, and policy updates across on-premises, cloud and the edge. The engine also supports automated self-healing across any user/device/branch with unified policy infrastructure, reducing the touch points for change management.

Versa SD-LAN Automation

Versa delivers Software Defined LAN Networking for Campus with full programmability and automation. The architecture brings AI/ML based automation, tuning and self-healing to detect and contain non-authorized devices across the campus LAN.

Orchestration to Cloud Gateway Services

Versa SASE includes Azure API integration to automate IPsec-based connectivity to chosen Azure virtual WAN gateways and AWS Transit Gateways. Site to site VPN tunnels are orchestrated and routes are automatically propagated between cloud and the branch devices. This integration enables organizations to simplify their cloud architectures and effectively utilize the cloud backbone.

Orchestration to Third-party Secure Web Gateway

Versa SASE has a fully integrated security stack for customers who want to deploy integrated Versa SASE services such as ZTNA, SWG, NGFW, SD-WAN, etc. on-premises. Versa also supports orchestration and redirection to multiple third-party cloud security and Secure Web Gateway providers. Versa supports GRE or IPSec tunnels through automated workflow templates to easily integrate with these Secure Web Gateways and other cloud security services. Versa SASE deployed on-premises or in the cloud delivers integrated Versa SASE services or connects to third party cloud hosted Secure Web Gateways. In either model, Versa enables improved load balancing and flow distribution which increases traffic performance.

Versa automation through the Versa Director provides a single pane of glass that is used for automated update and upgrade of software and security packages for VOS. Both software and security package upgrades can be scheduled for a specific day and time for all devices or a set of devices. If there is an error or failure during an update or upgrade, the Versa SASE supports automatic rollback to the prior version.